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Our agency was started on a farm and has extensive experience insuring farms. Farms and maple sugaring operations are complex businesses to insure and it is in your best interest to work with an agency that works with them every day. We have multiple companies, including Vermont based ones, to competitively quote your farm.
We can cover your home on your farm policy similar to how it is covered on a typical homeowners policy.
Tenant Houses
If you own additional homes for your farm tenants or family we can cover them on the same farm policy.
Your farm and sugaring equipment is expensive and we can cover it on your farm package either with a blanket or as individual items.
In addition to your farm equipment we can provide coverage for any of your vehicles you use on the farm under a commercial farm policy.
Workers Compensation
We can help you determine if you need to have workers compensation and we have multiple avenues to satisfy your workers compensation requirements with the state.
Your base farm policy will provide you with liability protection to protect what you have worked hard to create as you operate your farm. We can offer you different liability limits and help you pick the best protection for your situation.
Product Liability
If you are selling any finished products (like maple syrup, cheese and other farm goods) to the public we can endorse liability protection on your farm policy so you are protected if someone gets sick or hurt while consuming or using your product.
We can provide protection for any inventory you have on hand before you sell it. For example, we can cover your maple syrup inventory you build up during the sugaring season so you have compensation should something happen before you have an opportunity to sell it.
Farm animals often are one the largest farm expenses and we can cover them, often with no deductible, on your base farm package.
Business Pursuits
In most cases, we can endorse liability protection for additional activities you decide to do such as custom farming, farmers market sales, etc.
If you require liability protection above what your base policies provide we can help you secure additional protection through an umbrella policy.