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We work with multiple Vermont and regional companies to insure your home. We feel that Vermont companies understand what is unique about our state and can provide better protection over national companies.
Many companies promise quick rate savings to try to win your business but how much protection do you really have? We work with you to make sure you have the right coverages to protect you and because we work with multiple carriers that want to compete for your business, we often find you better protection for less money.
Did you know that your landlord's insurance policy does not provide any coverage for your items? Renters policies can provide that coverage and in addition they provide you with liability protection.
Insuring your condo unit can be a challenge because your association carries a policy that stops at a certain point where your personal policy is supposed to pick up coverage. We have experience reading those agreements and helping you make sure you have the right coverage.
Insuring your boat is just as important as insuring car. We have extensive experience helping clients determine the best way to protect themselves should they be in a boating accident or have their boat damaged.
A standard homeowners policy has restrictions on the maximum coverage amount for jewelry and other valuable items. We can help you determine where your policy stops and help you endorse any other valuables you may have on your policy.
With rising cost of medical bills and legal settlements, many people are requesting higher limits of liability to protect themselves and their family. A personal umbrella can provide that protection at less cost than trying to purchase it on each policy you have individually.
Recreational Vehicles
We work with multiple companies that are willing to cover RVs competitively. Let us help you make sure you have the right coverage at the best value.
People get hurt or damage other people's property while operating ATVs on a regular basis. Let us help you make sure that you have the proper coverage.