Maple Insurance

Maple Sugaring Insurance

We are are located in Franklin County, Vermont, one of the biggest maple syrup producing regions in the world. We work with Sugarmakers everyday to ensure that their operation is properly protected. We help maple producers of all sizes from small hobby farms to large scale commercial producers get the insurance they need as simple as possible.



We’ll work with you to understand your sugaring operation, it’s size & scope of operations, and all the risks it may face: (Liability, Property, Product, Workers Comp, Commercial Auto etc.)


We’ll build a protection plan based on your needs which we will quote with multiple insurance companies that work with and protect Maple syrup producers everyday. Getting you the best price available for the coverage you need.


With your policy in place we'll help you plan for further risk mitigation to help lower premiums, review coverages as you grow, assist with claims and be your local insurance expert.


Depending on your set up there are a number of different ways we can protect the investment you have made in your sugarhouse. Since we work with producers of all sizes we can grow with you as you do.

Pump houses and other structures

As your operation grows we can work with you to make sure your outbuildings are all protected throughout the year.


Sugaring equipment is expensive and since we work with producers of all sizes we know how to protect it. Whether you are just starting out with a small evaporator and some buckets or are an experienced producer with multiple RO's, lines, and pump stations we are here for you.


We can provide protection for inventory you have on hand before you sell it. For example, we can cover your maple syrup inventory you build up during the sugaring season so you have compensation should something happen before you have an opportunity to sell it.

Liability & Product Liability

We can make sure your liability is in place so you are protected for potential claims. Even for events at the sugar house or something as simple as a claim that your syrup made consumers sick.


Sap trucks, trailers and commercial vehicles that are part of the business can all need to be insured and protected.

Workers Comp

We can help you determine if you need to have workers compensation and we have multiple avenues to satisfy your workers compensation requirements with the state.

Farm & Hobby Farm

If your sugaring operation is just a piece of your overall farm we can often package it all on to one policy. Including any farmhouses and tenant houses.